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About Us

Experience a unique concept in advanced continuing dental education. Get inspired by our personal way of teaching. Upgrade your skills through intense hands-on courses. We guarantee you will return to your clinic with confidence that forever changes the way you practice.

Our goal is to offer pure dental education at its highest level. We love what we do and you will love what you get out of our courses. If you're looking to expand your practice or add a new treatment option, our continuing education programs are right for you to grow beyond your expectations.

Why Modern Dental Academy?

We provide dental courses that for decades have proven to be the foundation for the successful practice of complete, predictable dentistry.

All the courses are taken by “Masters“in their subject, who constantly upgrades their knowledge and are willing to impart knowledge to others.

Success comes from DOING

We know the importance of Hands- on training. From general practitioner to specialist—all courses are designed to allow each participant to have an intense hands on session.

This is possible due to the unbeatable course size of 10 participants - the clear advantage of our education program.

Our created learning environment establishes a mentoring relationship between instructors and participants.

Our course program meets the specific needs of dental professionals, which enables them to return with high confidence in the newly developed skills. It is our goal to empower you to drive your practice forward.

We don’t hide any tricks and trades of the practice. We have a team of DEDICATED STAFF MEMBERS who are willing to answer all your problems.

Free unlimited follow up of cases online and review section once in every five months is another highlight of our academy.

“There are many problems, but I think there is a solution to all these problems; it's just one, and it's education.”

Malala Yousafzai

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