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Teeth Whitening


A complete course on In-Office (conventional, Light activated), Home (Night guard) and Laser Assisted Teeth Whitening. )

Course Content

  • History and science of Tooth Whitening
  • Aetiology of tooth discolouration
  • Various modalities to treat discolouration - is whitening the right choice?
  • Evaluating patient’s needs and expectations
  • Managing tooth discolouration appropriately using combination techniques or alternate techniques
  • Indications and contra-indications
  • Pre- operative assessment
  • Evaluate and monitor shade using modern techniques
  • Essential clinical records; consent, clinical photographs and laboratory prescription
  • Assessing various tooth whitening techniques – in office, the night guard technique, whitening strips, Laser whitening
  • Materials used - Hydrogen peroxide, Carbamide peroxide etc
  • Construction of tooth whitening trays for various techniques
  • Home, inside outside and walking tooth whitening
  • Sensitivity management – pre-operative, during the procedure and post whitening
  • Effective post-operative management and addressing complications
  • Review of all systems – cost v/s effectiveness

Demonstration and Hands on

Participants can perform In – office (conventional) and Laser assisted teeth whitening on patients guided by the faculty.

Patients will be provided by the academy

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